Shattering the Image

1-10 I begin my life stumbling to the beat of my parent’s drum
I adhere to the rules imparted upon me
And respectfully follow them
When to sleep, where to eat, how to act
These mysteries are already solved without any contribution on my part
Whatever it takes to make them happy, I do
Without question they have all the answers
I became the studious, obedient child
I am motivated by my family’s will
And follow their way

11-15 I begin to want to be noticed by my fellow peers
Moving from school to school
It was a coin toss
Maybe I might have friends in this class, maybe I won’t
I notice how they view others
Who’s cool, who’s lame, who’s weird, and who’s not
How to fit into their world
I became the awkward, goofy child
I am motivated by my peer’s judgments
And follow their trends

16-19 I begin to realize my sexuality
It ignores my family’s will and goes against their way
For fear of judgment my peers never know
Even if it may be the current trend
With nothing to guide me
I was a lost cause
Lost in sin
Lost in lust
Lost in my own convictions
In a period of self-discovery I sought refuge in the solace of my room
I searched for something to follow
I searched within the crisp pages of the bible
I searched the internet for help
I searched and searched and searched until my eyes landed on the mirror
And I finally stopped searching
All the time spent searching and I failed to see what was right in front of me
Each day I got dressed to become the studious, obedient child
Each day I got prepared to become the awkward, goofy child
In the mirror I saw my immaturity
I detected my insecurities
I recognized my need to please others
That day I decided to shatter those images in the mirror and focus on myself
I focused on my independence
I focused on my uniqueness
And I focused on my goals
I focused on who I was and who I wanted to be
I became the strong-willed, confident adult
I am motivated by my pursuit of happiness
And I follow my own heart


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