Shattered Lives


In one minute, a moment, a second


Why did you take my life?

Why did you end the fight?


For greater things, I could have been, I should have been

A doctor, a lawyer, a lover, a friend

I will never laugh or cry

Hold my mother because I died


No parent should have to bury their child

Like a ripple upon a pond or force upon glass

Memories are broken, into cracks.


Turn back time, you’re at that spot

Before the crash, a bottle in hand or a text to send

In one minute, a moment, a second

Does your own life, flash before your eyes?

Remembering those, who love you

The little things in life


Don’t send that text

Throw the bottle away

Don’t let our lives collide


In one minute, a moment, a second

Stitch back shattered lives


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