Shattered Glass and Rotting Pumpkins

Soot covered clothes,

Rough calloused hands,

No one cares to know, no one understands

That girl who became royalty,

I would hate to foil the


The false reality

But does no one appreciate the gravity of this fallacy?

A young girl love deprived

Must make sacrifices to survive.

Women an inferiority

To male superiority

Make a living?

Be employed?

No, rather be mistreated and overjoyed to obtain a husband,

Or a new set of shackles based on rushed love, and

A new life walking on glass,

It has come to pass,

That the girl searching for her own identity

Is nothing to herself but cinders and ash.

So yes, smile, cheer

For now that she has sold her hand

You can finally hear

After her strangled shout of endless doubt.

Countless years of endless tears.

Watch her leave with her weighted ring,

And the empty love of a foreign king.

Sitting like stone in a rotting pumpkin

With a heart yearning for respect and compassion.


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