our voice is dead

shattered glass on the floor 

I want nothing more 

than to hear your voice 

what will we do when to give up is our only chance? 

you and me forever.. we once said

bonded together like sewing and thread 

how the tears say goodbye 

with a box of tissues on the side 

we kept a promise for a reason 

I always thought we were "forever" 

but now it's like someone took scissors, cut my heart... 

please let me put the pieces back together 

all I remember is the yelling and tears 

I guess trusting you was one of my fears 

but darling I'll see you again with one word said 

goodbye, with all of the memories left in your head 

oh how I will miss you so 

but I hope you cry, more and more 

I hope you cry the number of tears 

of shattered glass on the floor 


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