The shared dream and cursed tale.

Thu, 08/31/2017 - 23:45 -- lex.08

She had so much hope.

To be loved and receive so much,

Only to end up here in a cave.

Where not even the damned souls, cared to stay

And it all started with a longing for love.

Here under the sea, where the men had tails and hearts so dull,

Ursula couldn’t find the one.

But this was Ursula, the sea witch

And she'd be damned if she gave up when the answer was in a flick of a wrist.

She gathered up a potion,

And as the liquid slid down her throat, her tentacles became of flesh and bone.

Letting her walk along the waves, as sand went between her toes

Her voice of a beast to an enchanting soft spoken girl

It wasn’t long before a prince followed her beautiful voice

She was smart.

She was kind.

She was funny.

But nothing could override her silk voice.

The two fell  

harder than a tree

In the woods

But this made a sound.

Ursula felt horrible for deceiving prince Eric

Thinking their love was stronger than steel,

She decided to tell him what of hers wasn’t real.

To her dismay,

Prince Eric couldn’t love her the same.

Perhaps he could handle the idea that she was a sea creature,

But not the idea that the voice with which he fell in love with didn't exist.

And for that, he cast her away, and she returned to the sea,

With pain in her chest and bloodshot eyes,

She gave up on love.

Then one day, Ariel, the princess of the sea.

With her enchanting voice, and beautifully red hair,

Came to her for legs, to find her one true love.

But she couldn’t let this poor child get hurt the way she did,

So she took her voice in exchange for her wish

To help her see what real love is.

And as fate would have it,

Areli ended up on the same sand with the same prince that Ursula had found.

He thought to have the girl around,

Even though he saw her as weird, and boring,

For she hardly spoke a word to him.

Her charms revealed her quite endearing.

He could tell she was smitten with him, but he wasn't all that impressed.

And when Ursula went to check on the poor girl she was horrified to see just where she'd ended up.

Then one day Ariel awoke to find Eric with his arms around a brunette beauty.

Whose voice Ariel recognized as her own.

But how?

Noticing the spell, her voice put Eric under

She devised a plan to win her voice and the man

But she lacked time, for the prince soon got down on one knee.

Betrayed, Areli called upon the power of the sea

Who just so happened to be her daddy

And it just so happened that the union would take place on the sea itself.

The brunette never intended to say “I do.”

Just to save the girl from her same mistake,

But on the day of the union

A red crab lept to her neck

And freed the girl's lovely voice

From the pearl around the brunette’s neck.

And Ursula transformed back into her normal state.

As the witch with the wretched voice.

Erics eyes of love turned to hate

And looked upon the red hair fool

With a newfound devotion.

But quickly returned his gaze to the beast on board.

He took out his blade and leaped towards her.

But Ursula was much quicker and quickly used her tentacle to grab hold of him

Just as the king of the sea rose from the water.

And cast his spear towards the witch

Who fled, into the sea, into yet another dark and miserable cave

Never to be seen, caught or heard of again.

Until one day,

The red headed beauty returned to her

And said

“I understand now.”

But what kind of happily ever after is that?


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