The Shaping of Me

Chiseled by high school seniority,

A separation, a lost child. 

The flood in my eyes dried in my Sahara heart. 

Missing her is like cancelled plans, that I see the pictures of everywhere I look. 


Broken down by 

Two car wrecks, antagonistic election banter,

My words became my shield and others', their weapons. 


Picked apart by 

Toxic relationships, two sexual assaults.

My pants and lips stayed zipped. 


Shattered by

Losing friends to violence,

In their homes and on the streets. 

I light candles in my window and let their wind feed the fire. 


Powered by

Opposition of justice,

I stood up straight with my shoulders back, 

In my own white pantsuit,

I waited for my opponent to slip up, let his podium become ironic. 


Motivated by

Always being stepped on, 

Breaking my back to build myself. 

Breaking their comfortable expectation of a "safe space" for 

Their reverse racism complaints. 


Inspired by 

The Guatemalan people, 

Their color and fire among poverty.

Smiles and warm hands. 


Loved by





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