From shame to unrestrained


Shyness plagues my fate everyday

Restraining my destiny from enlightened ways

Short of tongue, weak willed, no play

A curse forged by years of being downplayed


Insecurity haunts those who have no faith

In their way of being, and confidence they gate

Cat is no friend of these men for famed are they

Hostages hold their tongue to claw, and craze


All those words you withhold in greed

Decreed I today, release your shame

Share the beauty, share the feelings

Don’t shelter them, just release them


When the truth sets you free

You shall see, what kept you chained

Wasn’t worth the pain, now one must Gain

Their way to freedom, speak and preach, praise and Graze


DO NOT ALLOW others to bring shame

You are great, you are sane

You are confident, you are not plain

Speak to others unrestrained, shy no more no more feign



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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