Drifting far as I walk beneath my shadow
For so long, awaiting for arrival
Unobscured where I clenched my woes
She was long gone far where I yearned on my knees through deserts
Hope where I may see and the bewildering feeling to her
I can't stand, I can't.......

In vein for my departure lying through the ominous void
Lingering among wretched darkness
I can't..... Where for so long
Enumerating countless....  Stars.....
To finally stand away where I find nothing not even a shadow anymore

Blackened blankets warm me
No peace within of my aching decedents
I sleep evermore where I still  forever  fulfill
Long of the once my soul shivers to wherever realm it goes.

No chance I see her, no chance I will wake up far beyond me
For they will swim along through the watchtower.
I smile where I can feel that at least
I can't say much for me..


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