Shakespeare Inspired Sonnet

My love for you is likely dangerous

It's kind but difficult to understand

Your love for me is unlikely ageless

It breaks my heart but still warm is my hand

I am an addict of your cheated love

My addiction's rough, but my love's still real

I fall to the ground and cry to above

How is it that these are the things I feel?

You take my love and use it profusely

To your advantage while I lay lifeless

You think I'm lying and take this loosely

But I speak the truth, not to your likeness

You don't love me, but I'll keep loving through

'Til death finds my heart, my heart is with you

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Hey guys!

So whoever decides to read this poem, and in case you guys don't know a lot about sonnets (which I mean whatever), I want to give you just a little bit of background about what a sonnet actually is. A sonnet is a poem consisting of only 14 lines. There are four quatrains and a rhyming couplet at the end. Each line must only have 10 syllables and the rhyme scheme is always ABABCDCDEFEFGG. Hope that helped at least one you! 

Thanks for reading,

Sabriyah B.

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