Shaiheim vs. me. vs the truth


United States
37° 33' 43.6608" N, 77° 22' 0.8292" W

It's a burning
like the sun in the daytime
and I want to climb the highest mountain
and scream 'I love you' from the top of my lungs
but the ghosts in my head wont let me

It's a burning
like a candle in the night
bright but dimming
and I want to swim
to the deepest depths of the Atlantic
and scream 'I love you'
until my esophagus can't take anymore
and no one else will hear it
because my feelings are all mine

It's a burning
like a match in the evening
barely visible
and bound to die out
and along with fate I will take the giddiness out of you
all the love draining from your mind and body
all the screaming coming to a silent inaudible whisper
because even though you were both home
you still broken and jagged
and two jagged pieces just don’t fit
they fall apart


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