Shadows In The Mind.


I heard the shadows lurking in the dark,

Pulled the sheets over my head to cover my eyes,

Heard a man who let out a loud barked,

By the image in my head made me petrified,

Was so scared that didn't know what to do,


Some courage was in the process of forming,

I had this feeling in my guts that there is nothing there,

Noticed that I was not actually dreaming,

Decided to get up quickly and do nothing but to stare,

Into the darkness of my room saying there is nothing to be scared,


Went back to bed, knowing that it's all in my head,

Tried to get a good night's sleep,

Thinking about any happy book that I read,

Fell asleep after counting the sheep that leaped,

Woke up and saw there were never shadows in the dark...


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great start with first two lines.

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