Thu, 01/09/2014 - 15:46 -- LNPitt

Stalking shadows watching, wondering.

Walking wordlessly down distressed roads ruined by blasphemers singing songs and announcing pseudo promises to tormented souls searching for forlorned lovers.

Leading strays

Scattering dust.

Desperately holding hands.

Hoping, hearing those thoughtless praises pronouncing things thought towards the false faces and any fake feelings only oppressed hearts here.

Bells break and all the tears fall fast like light rain ruining blemished black dirty dresses...

Stalking shadows wandering wordlessly down dark streets.

Surrounded by bleak broken bits reflecting rust and attracting spirits.

Speaking in illustrious tongues tangled around almost beaten, broken, hardened hearts...

Stalking shadows looking lost in incomplete worlds waging worthless wars on opposite sides.

Situated along attitudes that though prominent, probably will wake up understanding no new nuances.

Neither side settles down.

Desperately drawing dark dank curtains closed.

Stalking shadows disappear

Dissipated by bold morning movements catching countless rays running down dark sleepy streets.



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