Thu, 12/12/2013 - 19:34 -- mmuir



Among faces and figures seen day after day

Through the halls I walk a, ghost of gray

So many people and so much commotion

A silent shadow, hidden in the cracks

Walking through life in slow motion

Mentors and peers, oblivious to the facts


A colorful mask I did wear 

To hide the secrets of my despair 

I kept my poise, as if it mattered

I played my part as a true actor

The mask is gone broken and shattered

No longer can I hide from my captor


Everyone looks but chooses not to see

They’re happy fools I wish I could be

I cry for attention, like a child

But my sobs are silent, and tears unseen

Just as a stone, I’m not pained, nor beguiled

Overwhelming feelings, so cold and mean 


My path is chosen, the answer is clear

I will free myself, not held by fear

I refuse this life, no longer a slave

Desperate with this gat, quite foreign to me

It carries the power to send me to my grave

Will anyone cry, will anyone know, will anyone see?


Too late for me, my book is complete

But open your eyes and the truth you’ll meet

We must change the compassion which lacks

 And hear the cries of shadows, hidden in the cracks

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