The Shadowed Den

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 22:06 -- TameraJ



As I lie here,

Contemplating my life,

Thinking about the pain,

Sorrow, all those I have hurt,

And most importantly the suffering;

The shadowed den I live in,

Is fire, death, and everything Evil,

Help me please I'm begging you,

Help me stop this war in my head,

Help me fight this battle of misery

Help me destroy this depression that haunts me inside,

Help me get all the Evil out of my head,

Help me! Please! I’m on my knees begging you,

Help me Please,

Before it’s too late,

Before darkness takes over completely,

Before there’s no hope what so ever,

And I am gone from this world,

The darkness is suffering,

Everything is painful,

All I can do it seems like is welcome Evil with open arms,

It keeps pulling me back from the abyss,

And into My Shadowed Den.


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