In the shadow of a dream


On such a night

that the fog reached up and swallowed the moonlight.

I fell

into a deep sleep

and I dreamt.

I dreamt a wild dream

unconstrianed by reality or its rules.

I awoke on the edge of a cliff.

The crash of the crushing waves

calling me, like a distant cry,

to dive into the crimson depths of the unknown.

I'm gripped by the screams whispered on the wind.

In that moment I saw it, the heart of fear, my inner darkness.

A swirling vapor, dripping like molasses

like a void it drank in the light around it

creating a crown of distorted paradise. 

Falling backwards, the frigid waters engulf me

Paralyzed from the shock, I felt myself sinking,

deeper into the abyss.

Around me float long forgeotten bodies,

people from my past who had faded from memory.

I struggled for the surface through my coughing and choking,

yet still it moved further away.

The corpses reached and called my name through drowned lungs, claiming me

one of their own.

The icy burn ravaged my body and my mind faded away...

I dream a wild dream.


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