Sexual Drug

Wed, 07/19/2017 - 19:47 -- Rivzz

The simple whisper of your voice arouse the deepest parts of me 

The rush of blood at  its highest temperature makes me call out your name 

So unbalanced a single touch makes my body ache 

Responding to your essence I move againstt your skin 

Every kiss dispersed along my outer layer makes each pump feel like a drug 

Call me a drug addict, but I need you in me more than out 

The sensation , all that feeling, makes me go insane 

Sounds of all the oceans combine to make my own and the warmth of all the sun rays join my walls of  love

Every stroke gets held onto real tight, my eyes shut for better sight, but im wetter thann the ocean with a wisper 

from your mouth 

I'm addicted to your being, but your better in than out 


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