Like the sign 666, see me see sin, dick pointed.

Eyes pore porn potentials.

 thinking ran flows of webs, as words were short and doors as such.

Focus disintegrated.

Vulnerability turns to ability coupled with capability as a man that he has always wished, not wished to  be.

His normal step of entry God’s kingdom, turns abnormal step of wearing a loose condom.


At first he was like, I can’t do that. I am a seminarian, I have few months to go, and then I will be ordain as a Rev father. Go to school son! Do not step out of that room son! Be alone the all the days of your life son! Hypothesis, immediate experiences, having his own thought, not one but one thought that is self-hurt. Seeing things himself he understood that it is not good for  a man  to be alone, so he decided to roll with some female friends, yes, female friends, seminarian.

Days after days, friendship becomes, NO ME WELLA, that is to say AWALAKA, you can come to my house, I mean my in-house, of course; we are friends, it means nothing, seminarian, it means nothing.

It is visitation time. What so ever that goes up must surely come down, so let’s see how this will go up and come down.


Stepping into the room, everything he saw was a hit back to back. Scriptures were scraped out and emotions were draft out, after seeing laps of different colours. Things he knew very much of but left abandon all to fulfil the revelation of his own thought, not one but one thought that is self-hurt. I want to be a rev Father, not someone father, really, rubbish.

Why should I have to live a life of , I feel like?

It is better to be what you ought to be than to be what you want to be.

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