Sex Ed


In sex ed, we learned about STDs
and pregnancy
and abstinence
and "sexual assault"

(and there is only one kind of rape)

We learned to be ashamed of our bodies
our feminity 
our sexuality
our curiosity 

(it is only rape if they say it is)

We were taught to be silent
to be good
to be pure
to be innocent

(if you were drunk, it was your fault)

Abstinence is the only policy, they said
giving the boys condoms
warning the girls not to make a mistake
virginity is precious

(if you weren't a virgin, it was your fault)

They lied.

It was not my fault. 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i can see you advocating this idea in class

people might find this offensive

i say continue to express yourself proudly and raise awareness to all attention

beautifully written piece

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