seven peas in a pod

Wed, 10/01/2014 - 17:35 -- 15cfisk
my best friends.
we call ourselves “the usual” 
and we like to think of ourselves as a much less badass version of the breakfast club
because while we love to go out for breakfast together
and all order the same thing to freak out the waitress
we're way too scared to do anything to get put in detention
we have an email chain 
with all the stupid addresses we made when we were 12 
and we use vintage gmail emoticons because they make us feel like hipsters
we study for exams by sitting outside a starbucks
and laughing too loudly at everything that shouldn’t be funny
but still is
what else?
my friends’ love for each other knows no bounds 
they visited me in the hospital the second i was taken off of isolation
and described in detail the hot spanish exchange student
because they know how much i love to stare at the 'foreign imports' during math class
and one of them learned how to knit so they could make me a hat in my favorite colors when my hair started to thin and fall out
and my other friend slacked off for a solid week in her yearbook class to make me a collage of shirtless pictures of my celebrity husband
because there is a surprising lack of male eye candy on the sixth floor of a children's hospital
and they threw a surprise party for me last year when i found out i was finally in remission
i cried when i realized it was all for me
and they all text-bombed me with pictures of baby animals this year
while i sat in the ER and waited to find out that my disease has relapsed
and now i'm sitting here typing this poem
and my phone keeps ding-ding-dinging
because the group text titled "the usual" is never quiet, not even for a second
and that's just the way we like it. 


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