Seven Billion

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 12:55 -- zay1718

Seven billion souls.

Seven billion experiences.

Seven billion stories.

We live, we breathe, we laugh, all on this planet which carries us through the cosmos.

This planet whose presence in the universe can be best represented by a speck.

 We are seven bilion strong whose diversity makes us connected.

The stories and experiences that make this life worth living are in all of us.

We are seven billion roommates in the dorm room we call earth, on the campus we call the universe.

What makes life awesome is the people who make up our world.

The strangers we pass, the friends we meet, the family we are given, all make this life awesome.

These people are the poeple who create, who love, and who repair.

Life is so big, yet so small.

Life is so hard, yet so giving.

Life is so temporary, yet so 



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Our world


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