I got sent here to learn about

The world and how it messes people up

And how people keep going no matter


how they never give up but at the end of the day.


I stare at you for hours

(last night was three)

Because I can’t sleep and you,

Woke up and saw Me.

And I saw you,

And you saw Me and you

Did something so inexplicably brilliant…

You smiled and changed my

Life for now this won’t be permanent

I say to Me.


Have you met

Me? She is nice, really pretty and in love,

Dying with coffee and blinding lights.

You would meet I soon enough;

She’s a real asshole. Her favorite color is his eyes

but she won’t say that.

Her favorite time of the Day is when she passes him

but she won’t say that.

Her favorite Song is what he listens to

but she won’t say that.

You will find her Dead next to him

but she won’t say that.


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