Settling Artistic Differences


Can art make a difference?
No, the question is, can art be a difference?
Can art settle, unravel, disclose, and ultimately end the differences of today's wretched world?
Art can create inspiration, just as inspiration can be made from mistakes.
Mistakes are made to inspirit the person to prevent themselves from repeating that mistake.
In fact a world without mistakes is not a world at all, for mistakes are just differences we worry far too much about.
But if we can live with our differences, why not live with mistakes?
Mistakes that feel harmless when done resonate in our memories for years to proceed, and proceed we won't do if we spend all day moping on mistakes.
And if we choose to live the rest of our days thinking why we shouldn't live the rest of our days, who's to say we're wrong?
Art can make a difference change it's effect to resonate above its expectations.
Art is not meaningless, for if it is, it is not art.
Meaningless art is nothing but inspiration for another person to pick it up and take it somewhere useful.
It is for this reason that art will never die out, it will only grow old and be recycled in the cycle of eternity.
Now let's say art was never created, inspired, or imagined.
Let's say a caveman never thought about drawing on the walls of their makeshift home, a home obsolete to our walled mini societies of world class comfort.
What would we have?
What would we have to prioritize ourselves?
What would we have to inspire a challenge?
What would we have to propose as new?
What would we have to originate others upon? 
What would we have to define who we are, what we do, and how we live and work and breath and know ourselves without a verbal explanation?
Everything you do is related one way, or another TO ART!
The art of transportation, art of cooking, art of music, art of thinking, art of LIVING!
Art is not the stereotypical idea of a painting in a gallery that someone branded as an 'artist' drew, that you could draw better.
Because art designed the stereotype.
Art was the inspiration for stereotypes.
Art is the reason we are who we are.
Art is the reason we can live with emotions other than boredom.
Boredom is the reason we have art.
When you're mad at someone just say art.
Because that one word has a bigger history than history itself.


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