Setting your mind on Mindset


I am perfection

Sweaty, sticky palms kidnap my grasp

a pimple on my nose, I’m incessantly staring

But my minds on other things


I ask myself if I’m perfect

Hands down, I know that I am

people laugh at my jokes, or some of them do

But my words are meant for something else


I know that I’m perfect and it scrambles my brains

I’ve successfully trained my brain to reign and feign

Millions of symbols explode from my mind

But like a Malaysian airliner

It’s all gone


I’m positive I’m perfect

because if I’m not than no one else is

I’m perfect to myself

that’s what matters


What matters is I’m not perfect

yet my mind knows I am

because it’s all about mindset

and my mind’s already set

I can be a man


I choose not to

I choose to enjoy the last of my teenage years

I choose to not let go of what I can cherish

Sweet, rich, and short; it’s a Kardashian marriage


I am perfection

my feet are planted

I stand

But my body’s a million miles a minute

You can feel the wind break on my skin

I am perfection


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