Sestina of Poetry

Poetry is the entrance to the heart,

Which keeps our feet on the ground.

Yet we can still reach our dreams

With the yearning of our deepest soul.

My tongue can taste my sweetest desires

With every word etched into my paper.


You'll find my conviction on the paper.

Along with the pride in my heart.

The pages filled with my deepest desires. 

Soaring with my feet on the ground

As the words soar with my soul

Before sleep takes me and I dream.


When I wake from my horrific dreams,

I write in my book of paper

About the horror tormenting my soul.

Again I feel wings lift my heart,

And pick my life off the ground.

Indulge in my deepest, truest desires.


Writing of someone who knows my desires

Has awakened him from my strongest dreams.

Now he's with me on the ground.

He has sprung from my enchanted paper.

Like a thief he stole my heart,

And will forever live in my soul.


Today he is my heart and soul.

Today he sedates my most intimate desires.

Today he has captured my entire heart.

Today he engrosses all of my dreams.

Today he immerses all of my papers.

Today he lifted me from the ground.


It was the pages on the ground

That allowed me to express my soul.

All my love is in these papers

Including all of my deepest, darkest desires;

Including all of my deepest darkest dreams.

Including the deepest cavern of my heart.


On the ground you find my desires

Laying with my soul and my drams.

Protected by paper and loved by heart.




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