A Series of Monumental Moments

2016. A brand new year;

365 days of new beginnings, 

of new experiences and new 

people. Who would've known that 

January ,1 2016 would mark the 

start of the year of changes. First, 

I would leave behind comfort and

familiarity by walking across a stage 

and obtaining a single sheet of paper. 

I would then experience the displeasure

of biting into the worst pizza of my life, then

, severeal months later, the best. At the end 

of the summer, I turned 18 becoming, 

officially, an adult. Soon after, I would head

to college and face the fear of a new city

in which I lacked the smiling, comforting faces

of my parents. Little did I know that this new city

would offer up some of my closest friends; It would

offer up individuals who are of the best people in

the world in terms of loyalty and companionship. 

2016. As it came to its end, I came to the realization

that my experices, both small and large, were monumental 

in shapping the way in which I see the world today. 

Thanks 2016. 

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