Having a crush will typically usher lighthearted feelings

Yet I dread the possibility of fading from your memory

like a rose that withers a little too fast

though can simply be replaced with a disparate beautiful flower


“Does he like you back?”

I am asked

“He might have no feelings for you”

I am told

But my heart has no objections, it will flutter

everytime you call out my name


If truth be told

I hold dear every moment we spend together

Nothing has to come about

for me to be left with a smile on my face

All my worries suddenly become non existent

and your laughter reassures me

that I can confront my anxious thoughts


So I beg your doe eyes to stop gazing

into mine in a way that suggests

deep down they hold a secret

It only feeds my optimism

which murmurs to me “what if”


In the end

all I need is a promise

that tomorrow we’ll meet again

because I’ll keep looking forward to the day

where without a doubt we are still friends

but perhaps you’ll see me in a new light



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