September Will Always Be Remembered

The banks and braes and streams all around 
The castle of Dark Angel 
Green by woods and fair flowers 
There are great depression 
that will over take your souls 
 Dark Angel and the Black Magic woman 
will cast the spell of darken dreams 
your heart will scream 
it will flood like the sea 
crying out to thee
into every inch you hold of your soul 
it will never let go 
 you will never find an honest soul
darkness id all they know
Dark Angel will give 
wonders and worries 
through out your days 
your life of hate 
this is the life Dark Angel gave 
to the heart of pain 
the flood of tears are everywhere
no souls to spare 
the expressions on their face 
has so much hate  
you will never see the light of faith
in their darken eyes 
O pale , pale lips cry out to me 
Dark Angel calls me 
I assure myself everything is going 
to be okay 
But the who am I to say 
any fool can see 
Dark Angel has me 
I pleaded for Dark Angel
to let me be 
I am crying with the sea 
His rage came over me  
I'm afraid and very weak to even think
When I try to explain 
what I was feeling it didn't matter anyways 
O pale lips come 
O pale of rosy lips 
kiss me of death
to your King 
Dark Angel walks over to me 
I am hearing bad things 
I hear things I must not speak 
I must stay strong and meek
But Dark Angel 
has a battle of his own to keep
I am in way to deep 
I'm losing the fight for my own rights 
 Then Dark Angel kissed me 
I feel I could no longer breath 
he is taken the life out of me 
He given me the pain of rain
that will never go away 
will always be remember  .
Lilly Emery


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