Sepia 4x6

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 00:59 -- cassey_

No filter, no filter,

Can't you see me

Sepia, 4 by 6

I need to read me. 


"No cameras, please"

Can't you see me,

I have leaned back 40 degrees

Gesturing towards the background, see? 

Oh, humble me


Visuals are perfect consent.

I need to read me.

Am I happy? Duh,

That is what a smile means.

Oh, and droopy eyes, aw, be sorry for me.

# JERK! FINE! I do not care 

So what if you can't see me

I Need to read Me.


UGH, I Try, Try, Try. THIS IS ME!

I am Picture perfect!

poses, and pleads,,,can't YOU see me

A digital memory, added color effect

Pics. to show but,

I CAN Never see Me.

No Filter, No Filter,

I just want to be FREE!


I will illustrate my own,

a purpose worth wild to Me.

So, can't you see me...

Eh, well, I aM more than imagery.

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