I know that they have separated,

And it’s probably for the best.

But there will always be,

These feelings that I posses.


It is said to be upsetting.

But that doesn’t cover it all.

When you lie awake at night,

And slowly begin to fall.


You fall for the unexpected.

What you never thought would come.

When depression begins to lurk,

And everything goes numb.


It is hard on everyone.

And sometimes it’s for the better,

Yet to all those children out there,

Be happy they are together.


No one wants to see them leave.

To walk out of your life.

There seems to be nothing left,

Only internal strife.


You do not want to picture,

The hearts that have been broken.

But if you take a look,

Your mind will have awoken.


You can then realize,

What life is all about,

That it is everything but perfect,

So be sure to look out.


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