Sensual Pain

Wed, 09/13/2017 - 07:13 -- Mansi

Love needs a reason to stay
I prompt, is this the only way?
To make it more strong and deep
The first time, I might cry and weep

We decided to break the chain
To let us keep tied through this pain
We may encounter sensuous ways
But one that beats them is only love

To take a step ahead,
We made up our minds
We let our flesh without a lid
To intersect and show some signs
That we are just more than fine

To feel each other, to the innermost
And let fly that fear named ghost
To love, the fear has to go
By sybaritic or spirituality
But to love and feel to the core
You need to gain less and sacrifice more

Like clouds, thunder and produces rain
We had to indulge in a sensual pain

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