Senses Arise


I know not the day I woke to your trees up high. I know I was awake all along somewhere deep inside.


I see the dirt paths paved for clean feet. I worship grains below nails of dirty sleet. I dig further and see the dirt so clean in everything thus far seen. 


I hear hymns of white capped waves. I am the choir of children's play. 


I feel angels drip in stormy skies. Akua1 shines golden eye when heavy clouds break, you are the prize.


I taste forbidden fruit, with Family as swallowing we grin. I taste the ground in liquid leaves. Rebutting consumer lies, we feast. 


I smell the garden of grace, planting flowers upon my face. I smell sweat in hugs over love ties. I smell the things we burn, smoke emancipates our lives.


I know not the day I awoke to the senses you breed. I know today, I can finally BE. 



1 Akua- Hawaiian term for God or Spirit



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