Sense of Change (Photo taken by Poet)


United States
27° 50' 35.1564" N, 82° 38' 32.5932" W

Change, A word I hate to bear
When it pounces on my life
And runs me to despair
Relocation, An identity of mine
An overbearing type of life
When we won’t make up our mind
We can’t come to a conclusion
We simply won’t decide
Most of my friends have finished their course
But I haven’t found that starting line
Newness, A word that lost its mystery
I’ve been forced to forget what I came from
To be a soul without a history
I reminisce about the best and spit upon the worst
But I would have stayed in either place
To have the chance to finish in first
Now, when it’s time to start a new life
A life out on my own
Still, my ancestor’s decisions
Have left me applying for a loan
All that money, wasted
On what we thought would be the last
It’s now rented out by someone else,
collecting dust in my empty past.


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