Senior Year


I feel their long stares and hear them whisper behind my back when I walk down the hall… They’re not subtle enough.

Yes, I’m pregnant at 18 but I’m not any different and don't deserve to be mistreated.

I’ve put up with their shiet for months; I feel like I should eliminate them all.

Their vapid inferences of my future make me sick but I keep my composure and stand tall

Although deep inside I want to throw them a rock and a pan full of boiling water.

Just reminiscing on what I’ve heard them say and on how they’ve tried to make me feel ashamed

Makes my ears turn red, my veins pop out, my fists turn purple, and my heartbeat elevate.

I’m not the first to take the test, see the result, and be both amazed and afraid.

Nonetheless, they act like its never happened before. They do what many can’t, they irritate.

My boyfriend and I love our baby more than anything, although she’s still not in our arms

And never will I let any of them speak ill of her like they did with me cause I’ll tear them apart.

She’s the owner of our hearts

So for the first time in a while all those people will have to watch their mouth and be smart.

And as for me, I’ll stick to my dream and won't let them bring me down. I’m going to college

And when they see my success all of them will be astonished.


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