Senior Sunrise

The sun rises like any normal day
The orange, the blue and the yellow
But I see it now in a different way
Its more deep now than shallow
Gathered around merrily
Running, laughing, reminiscing
Finally realizing it terribly
That this moment is menacing
As we hold our heads high
And dance as a unit
I let out a sigh
And the memories tune it
Today we hold hands tight
Tomorrow we will fly
Next year we go and fight
But now I wish to cry
In this moment I felt whole
Surrounded by friends close and far
When they leave I'll be cold
And realize truly what they are
They are my fellow studiers
They are my support
They've seen my face the last four years
And they've earned a place in my heart
Some have seen me sob
Most have seen me smile
But we all have done our job
We stuck around for quite a while
I will always remember my first time
Through the great doors
As the bells begun to chime
And teenagers crowded the floors
I used to see blurred faces
But now I see familiar souls
These people will fill the spaces
As life begins its rolls
So as we all go into the unknown
As we all take that leap
These affections will be shown
And these memories I will keep
As we all take our first step as one
Of the last walk through those doors
Just know now, it is we who have won
And the prize was worth the score.


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