Senior struggle is real.


Deadlines and expectations 

stress and struggle,

it's here, it's time

The truth comes to the light

Failures and successes go hand in hand

stress and struggle help us push and make it to the end.

Too much pressure, too much light 

the truth burns, it's the branding of life.

Every fear and struggle warned has came true

every failure and success possible has been presented to you.

It's here, it's time, the moment of truth 

all failures and struggles have pushed you through

all fears and expectations will be met head on 

the struggle and stress is done, all gone

hold on just a little longer

cross over and it won't be long gone

it's here, it's time

cross the stage, hurry up it's almost through!


life's cruel trick has just been played on you

it's done, it's time to put it all behind!

we can't believed they just lied 

you have your goal done, you're finished, it's time.

the real world's here, get ready, the truth comes to light

the stress, the struggle is here.

Test me if you dare, I'll perservere again, time after time.


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