Sending Through Time ( The Black Beautiful man)

By: Jilmilla  Brumley

I want to write all my thoughts down. I won't because words have wings; they are air things who know where they might land. So I’ll just stick to the story I'm supposed to tell. And send it through time from me to you.


The story is, I am in love with a man.

This is my secret: he doesn't know it by spoken words. 

His spirit surely knows as mine know that I am in love!  with him.

If I could describe him in my time so that you can see him in yours.

I’ll tell you he is a black Diamond with skin as dark as night that surrounds the mood!

He is a sophisticated man. I am a reflection of him.

He stands at attention at all times straight up like a soldier on his feet, shoulder back with his feet at a 45-degree. 

Black beautiful man if you ever seen one as beautiful as he.

His presents is alluring and Mejiestic.

Forbidden man so it seems. 

His voice is like a melody.

That moves my soul to get up and dance.

Not just a dance but the dance. 

That makes souls meet. 

Ooooo if you were in my time then you would see

A black beautiful man if you ever seen one as beautiful as he.


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