Semblance of You


One brief moment, a single thread of intimacy

Impermanence but even so,

I saw some semblance of you...the real you

The innermost core as you break your own rule

Never to reveal

Does it ever get exhausting to hide behind a facade?

For the amusement and qualm of others

I hope you can accept that I will alwyays know with the innermost part of me

The semblance of you

And treasure the fleeting memory

It was one smile, one hug, one touch

We only get one shot to breathe in today's quake

Fear chokes you off like dried roses; Must it rob you of yourself so easily?

Oh how you love your puppet strings and torments

Lord lacerates and Maid Marionettes

But the semblance of you will linger; like a name it will be the only memory

Of absolute truth if there is one

I know that you are more that what you give, more than your kindness, more than your doubt

Your fear and beauty for a brief instant were in my hands, my eyes, my heart

Too blinding, not enough for me and too much for you, yet think on me

Will I be the only one to deliver you? Will this breath be your last?

Take it true if it will be the last of your humanity, frailty, vulnerability

But to keep you sane, know you were truly loved


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