A Selfless World

Flying cars and touch screen robots
An ideal future installed in our heads 
Modern day America
excessive food and comfortable beds
Apparent sympathy we claim to have
on the roofless street inhabitants
shaking a cup with pleading eyes
in hopes to acquire just enough food for tonight
Walk on past with no second thoughts
supposedly "starved"
worries regarding if there'll be food on the table don't exist
instead, what we want flourishes the fridge
once we're full, we can afford to throw out the leftovers.
"There are people in Africa starving. Finish your food."
"Well we're not in Africa, and starving Africans aren't here, 
why are you trying to ruin my mood?"
The only reason to our denial is fear to accept the truth


Always that one kid complaining about Thanksgiving Day
"You shouldn't just be thankful once a year,
you should be thankful anyway."
Yet the same person leaves at 12 AM on Black Friday
to bombard Best Buy
Looking for good deals on unneeded things
maybe Beats for cheap
when what sits at home lies abandoned ones- heaped
Thousands spent on these items 
could buy an airplane ticket to visit the less fortunate
a drop by in a rundown village for miles
could result in a soon to be memory spent with
once broken, but now- fixed smiles


For every frown turned upside down
these simple moves could be a legend
an influence to start an epidemic of smiles all around
where world peace rose and negativity lessened
a spark of contentment
a realization on when not to be greedy
an open mind in the real world
an understanding of those who are needy
where our world revolves around others
and no longer ourselves
where our superficial views are thrown away
and selfishness does not come well

and one by one, our community will start to give back
but as of right now
our ability to see that many are in need
is something we greatly lack.

Beauty pagents are asked, "what is one thing you wish?"
The most common reply is the infamous "world peace"
I second that and wish for change
a loving Earth and a selfless coming of age.


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