Skin on skin
My heart beats out of my chest
And into your hands.
Beads of sweat form, over populating my skin
As I fight the urge to draw you in.
You breathe me in. Inhale my flesh.
My pulse reacts fast pounding from my skin.
I claw at my charred heart
Beg for feeling other than lust.

My walls tumble down.
Brick crumbles to dust
But my icy heart stays frozen.
Screaming for heat my veins thaw.
Our breaths heavy as your chest heaves against mine.
A surge of longing clogs my pores
I long to feel the same.

I crave your warmth
A lantern in the dark
I beg for you to light me and bring life to my broken soul.
To carve your initials on my skin, rip flesh and bone,
Drink my darkness in and breathe out light.
Our hand intertwine
And finally your lips
Meet mine.

Emotions erupt from me, hot molten lava spews from my pores
My skin melts with yours as we turn ashes to

Guilt leaps out at my from the shadows.
Lurking in my obscured heart.
Bites me like a swarm of bees
Engulfing me with venom of regret.
But I let myself be swallowed by your love
As I dull your flames with my arctic blood.

Is it selfish to accept your love
When I can not give you mine?


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