Suddenly i am conceited if i choose to recognize my own beauty

suddenly i am no longer humble, i am no longer delicate.

if others choose to view me, stare at my features, absorb my face. They are artists.

however, i am conceited.

because i am no longer asking permision from others.


Damn, maybe I just like how my skin glows in this lighting. 

maybe this dog addition here just captures my cheekbones in just the right fashion.

maybe three filters is exactly the amount necessary to capture

how good this eyeliner makes me feel.

i wasn't aware that suddenly that makes me narcissistic.


I'm only showcasing what i had to fight for.

get used to it.

selfie culture is giving humans the ability to embrace

their beauty

as they see it

rather than 

old men

sitting from the sides

asking me for the angles 

that they want

instead of 

the angles 


world needs to see. 



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