Authenticity is a rarity.

When looking clearly you often don't see

The parts of me I try to hide

From you and from society.


Take a look behind the curtain,

Glimpse the person you thought you knew,

Before she hides away again

Receding, fading out of view.


So, let's get real:


I gambled on true love and lost

And since, my heart's been turned to frost.

I loved him more than I could hide,

Until he made me swallow my pride.


He ended it, and my heart shattered-

I lost everything that I thought mattered.


Concealing the mess inside me is hard,

In person I pretend that I'm not scarred-


But really:


Concealing things is fairly easy,

When I'm around people who rarely see me-

And when I can hide where no one notices,

Where all that matters is how my camera focuses.


And so, later on:


I don my make-up and align my pose,

And pout a little so everyone knows

That I'm upset

But not really-

'Cuz I'm hiding behind my selfie.




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