A self-reflective thing


Such a self reflective thing am I

I sit alone most of my time, some people find it strange

I however scoff and say introversion is no crime

I am the one sitting behind a book or immersed in some work of art

attempting to uncover its hidden gems and secrets.

I am the one who sits and listens to all the old music , that others find obscure

I am the one who doesnt care what my hair is currently doing, no one can see through walls anyway.

I am the one who snorts indecently, sometimes at my own humorous wit 

I could care less if others find me strange

I have learned throughout my life what others may wish to harm

but I know what lies within and it can't be trampled down at all.

So I release it onto the world, quite aware of its destructive tendencies

and sit back and watch as my personality takes the world by storm.

This is true introversion, in all its glory, as I sit and simply observe what my few words have unleashed.

Such a self-reflective thing, indeed.





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