Self reflection


I dont know who I am anymore, these drugs posion my veins and cause my memory to disappear

My closet friends are strangers, my enemies are the ones who push me on.

If this world was ment for mankind then why aren't I welcomed anymore

Am I God's gift or just a game piece in this divine pawn.

If Death had a face he'll have the eyes of all my loved ones

When I look in the mirror I see a man who lost all hope on what he dreams

If I try to punch the glass in the image will still reamin the same.

Each restless night I sit in the dark waiting for the new day to come

So then i can have some thing to be proud to

Seeing the next day and able to do it all over again

I still await the day when I'll finally wake up from this dream

Then I can have the one thing I desire

No,it isn't having each of you feeling sorry or even begin to dig my own grave

I'm waiting for the day when I find the one I'm looking for


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