Self Reflection



I'm sitting in this chair, arms tied behind my back.

A dark room with pure shadows and nothing but whispers.

Blind folded and pinned down to the sounds of

hatred, envy, disgust, and words of which I dare to speak of.

Days, weeks, months go by. 

Starvation, no energy, no strength to continue to survive.

But I'm still alive. 

There is no light to guide me.

There is no hand reached out for me.

There is no one...but me.

I've struggled to find which way is out.

Pushed myself to pure exhaustion.

Tears have been shed and anger has been exploited.

But yet and still I hear nothing.

Then there's this sound.

I hear footsteps,

closer and closer they come.

The fear begins to race my heartbeat faster and faster.

Then I feel a plunge of pain across my face.

One blow after the other.

Hit after hit.

Blood spat everywhere.

But why...better yet who's there?

A bucket of water splashes my entire face like a huge tide 

coming onto the shore.

I am no more.....

And then the blind fold is taken off.

My vision is blurry at first, and I'm exhausted from the attacks.

Hours go by and I finally am able to open my eyes.

And there she was before me.

Sitting in a chair with her head down in disgust.

She lifts her head and looks me in the eyes.

And all she said was....

Wake up!

The girl.....was me.


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