Self Portrait #2

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 22:39 -- jenums



If you take a look at her,

You’d think she never struggled

Or cried.


But if you asked her questions

Such as, “If you could go back in time,

Would you change anything?”


She’d smile and say, “no,

My past is the reason

To why I am who I am today.”


There’s a story she wants to share.

When she was seventeen, she was abused

By someone she thought loved her.


Emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.

He played with her feelings

Pretending that he was faithful


But he was with three other girls.

She confronted him about it

And into the hospital she went.


She endured bruises on her body

But no one could tell by the way she smiles,

The way she looks happy all the time.


She’s been through the pain

No one should ever go through.

But it’s made her stronger, wiser, and more cautious.


And, she didn’t give up on love.


Lil' shakesphere

I love it keep at it :)


That's real strength

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