Self Empowerment

I work, work work work, myself to the bone.

Day in and day out I work,

come home and write, write, write away

the words I create to satisfy the professors.

Into the wee hours of the night, 

I work the night away until the early morning light

when it all starts again.

Another dollar earned and another dollar

down the rain paying, paying, paying another bill.

I often wonder if I will ever make it,

if I will ever cross the finish line

and then I remember

for every tear, every bruise and every let down

is another obstacle I've overcome.

Just another step closer to success.

Push, push, push until the wall is gone

and nothing but blue skies around.

No one defines who I am or what I can accomplish.
I am who I am and that is everything awesome. 


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It's my first poem in many years, and I'm not sure about how this works so I figured I would try it out. 

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