On Self-Definition

Who Am I?

A writer

I like to write my feelings on the page because

the page has become my most trustworthy friend.

I pick up an empty notebook and a gently used pen

and the words I couldn't seem to come up with in the face of my problems

come pouring out of me like lava

Who Am I?

A dreamer,

sometimes the best parts of my days are when I am able

to dream because for however long the dream lasts

I can escape my present

rewrite my past

imagine my future

I can do all the things that seem impossible

I can change the world

change my life

change mistakes make them right

when I dream, I take new life

I can soar and I can fly

A bird with wings like a fever

Who Am I,

I'm a believer,

I grew up in the church

I know that GOD is real and in him I trust

My faith is a huge part of my life

and therefore could not be left out

I'm not ashamed to praise the GOD I love 

He blessed me with the ability to write and all the 

other talents I have

so why not give him praise while I have breath

Who Am I?

A minority,

with the mindset of a lion

I am a woman and I am black

but I do not let the things that 

society looks down on

hold me back

I think there is strength in being the underdog

because if they don't expect you

they'll never see you coming

and when you prove them wrong

after their brain stops humming

and the shock subsides

they will see that the one person they never thought would make it

is standing in front of them

breaking molds

taking a stand

making a difference.

Who Am I?




I will make a difference in this world

I will make my dreams come true

I will use my gifts to change lives

I am a threat to negavtive thinking

injustice, racisim, sexism, 

anything that tries to stand in the way of my greatness

Who Am I?

I am a voice in the crowd screaming loud and will be heard

I am a match set aflame ready to burn down the walls of oppression

A Force To Be Reckoned With.

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