by Michelle L.

Late evenings spent studying, laced with caffeine

The latter half of that night spent in bed, pondering

How the stranger in the mirror looks so different, so grown

A long way from the girl who was too scared to say 'no'


It began with an open door, the open door to lies

Seeped into truth faster than smoke fills the sky

They dictated, ruled, rated, reinstated what was wrong

Plagued by fear and facade, Invisible my theme song

Jailed by opinions, chained down in handcuffs

Spent too long on the ground, today I'm getting up


Election of '16, no shock but surprise

As a youth, life in PDX opened my eyes

My brothers and sisters of color are the same as myself

We're all worth something, answer the call for help

Transition isn't overnight, like all good things it takes time

But as for 'what ifs' and clouds of doubt, simply leave them behind

And I'll never conform to what society sells

Because the only thing I can be is the best version of myself


Late evenings spent reading, now fueled by green tea

The latter of that night spent in bed, deep dreaming

How far I've come along the road to success

And how proud I am to say that I have no regrets 


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