Segregation at it's Finest

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 03:06 -- NeNe16

You enter a town where there's only two colorsWhite and Black; who do not even love each otherWhite folks side and Black folks sideYes, that's what they call itWhen one thought the segregation had diedIt took a few to restart itYou enter a town with two different schoolsA private on the white side and a public on the black sideWhites feel if their kids go to a public schoolThey will return home as a foolIt all leads to one question---WHY?Why do I have to be looked at as a colorWhy can't we all just love each otherI know we are different sizes, have different faces, and learned from different basisBut why are some people still racist?When we are all the same in the judge's facesWhy are there not any whites attending public schoolWhy are there not many blacks attending private schoolWhy is a price put on education to separate usWhy are there so many whysBut the whys must continue until the whys are answeredWhy can't one enter a town where there's no separationNo "two" schools and no "two" sidesTo prove that we are all one in this nationBut it's all on YouTo prove that there is a truthThat he made a dream for a reason, and not for a seasonWhere you CAN enter a town with no whysAnd lift up our hands in equality up high!


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