Seeing the Light

I wept as the gloomy sky cried.

I saw the world and its misery.

I saw the despair and failure in which people became subject,

And as I watched my heart continued to grow cold in injury


Looking at the night sky there was nothing but darkness.

The moon was clouded with fear and anger.

There were people in need, but people were heartless.

I began to see their hope as a mere stranger.


Soon the gloomy morning came and I prayed longing for an answer,

Because as the rain fell down on me, others fell down to their knees.

Then it was time for my eyes to open, I heard laughter and I saw the sky much brighter.

In belief, my soul finally found the joy of hope and relief.


So as I breathed in the fresh air, my bitter heart no longer felt inferior.

Because after all there is a Savior




This poem is about: 
Our world


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